About Our Crazy Animals Photos


Some of these photos are ours and others come from the internet and are for your enjoyment.


Sometimes we just want to have a good laugh or view something cute and adorable. This is for those positive fuzzy wuzzy times.

Meet Out Work Team


Eva Savits

She's dedicated her intire career to find the adorable photos.

Patrick Pool

He heads up our ER butchered photos.

Mark Johnson

He's a top-rated freekAthon photo manipulator. Don't let that kind face fool you.

Alan Smith

He's our curriculum director of training the interns.

Ingvar Muleshka

She is a top animal researcher. Always finding new funny animals for us to lol.

Edna Barton

She is our community outreach specialist.

What to Expect

Wellness plan


Laughter is the best medicine



If you haven't been to a fun site in awhile hope this will help with the lols



We'll try to keep finding the best crazy and adorable photos or my name isn't DZeroll.


I couldn't be happier with the photos that I viewed. I am doing much better now, thanks. Highly recommended.


Funny lady


A new fan forever

David Zeroll treated my tired bored mind with all the care and attention to eyecandy that I could ever ask for. I'll never be the same again!